Headshot (2)Nicole Hinson launched Low Country Interiors, LLC out of a passion for creating and bringing beauty into everyday life.  With inspiration from the rich history, architecture and style of the coastal Carolinas, Nicole creates purposeful, southern, elegant design.  As an offshoot of Low Country Landscaping, Inc. owned with her talented husband, Nicole Hinson is taking creative inspiration to the interiors.  Nicole’s innovative mind and love of beauty began as a child as she rearranged and redecorated her bedroom frequently for fresh inspiration.  “What you enjoy doing as a child is likely what you should be doing as an adult,” Hinson claims.  Taking cues from the fashion and beauty industries over the years, Nicole has had a love affair with décor ever since, and is truly committed to creating lovely living spaces.  She believes that fundamentally we all seek beauty around us and desire a home that feels welcoming and well-suited to our lifestyle.   As in fashion, Nicole enjoys blending high and low, vintage and new.  Like blending a fabulous jacket with a basic white shirt, Nicole can mix existing furnishings and attainable décor with fresh style and the occasional “wow factor”.  Nicole’s rapport with clients, eye for style and willingness to work tirelessly within customer constraints makes Low Country Interiors, LLC unique to create the ideal space for you.

Nicole has undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She is a driving force behind her husband and their family-owned businesses and knows the challenge of maintaining a beautiful home while raising children, as she is the proud mom to a pre-teen boy and two shedding furbabies. 

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